Live TV

NETTV introduces 200+ channels, where user can watch favorite channels. The main feature of Net TV is Live TV section in which we have categorized the list of channels.


Net TV presents auto recording feature which helps you watch your favorite TV shows even when you have missed it. This feature allows you to watch your missed TV shows of past 7 days.

Video On Demand

NetTV introduces Video on demand. It is a system that allows you to select and watch any movies or TV shows on any date and time you want.

All Weather Broadcast

NET TV is the only service provider to ensure 24/7 uninterrupted Service. Even in rainy and cloudy days, the picture quality will remain clear.

HD Stream

With Net Tv you don't have to face problems of low quality, grainy content because of weak signals which we often see on conventional TV broadcasting.

24/7 Support & Service

Net Tv will be providing 24/7 attention to the customers when in crisis and even when any kind of Technical support if required.