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TV Shows

Net Tv also brings you the most exciting feature where you can watch different VOD content along with educational content.
From educational content to dramas to travel and talk shows, Net Tv presents you the most versatile flavour of content for all the age groups.

Deerwalk Learning Center

Deerwalk is a New Value added service to our customer and itself is a learning centre where you can find all the teaching materials, video lectures and tutorials for grade I to Grade X students based on the curriculum developed by Curriculum Development Center, Ministry of Education of Government of Nepal. Now, teach your children at your home. 

To visit Deerwalk website go through this link:

Are you Worried that your children doesn’t read well and planning for extra Coaching classes? Don’t worry Nettv brought you the Deer walk Learning centre where you can teach your children everything related to the school syllabus sitting at your home using Net Tv’s value added service through Tv Shows section.