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Raita Phail Gaya

Shanky and Harry seem to have the perfect bachelor life – a big house, loving girlfriends, amazing flatmates, free-flowing booze, and unending parties; everything that their virtuous families might consider to be nothing short of sins. When Chunnilal, Shanky’s father arrives unexpectedly at their house, Shanky and Harry go to extreme lengths to hide what Chunnilal might consider debauchery, including concocting new identities for their respective girlfriends! Things take an interesting turn when Chunnilal, the epitome of sanskaar, falls head over heels in love with Vidya, Harry’s aunt. However, what is a love story without any complications? Harry and Shanky’slandlord, Lalchand, too falls in love with Vidya, leading Chunnilal to abandon his sanskaars to win over Vidya. The perfect bachelor pad is soon upended and witnesses a hilarious clash between sanskaars and obscene abandon.