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Mango Pickle

How to top up wallet and Buy via NETTV Wallet?

Step 1: Download Nettv app from Appstore/playstore
Step 2:Open NetTV App.
Step 3: Login through your ISP (worldlink)
Step 4: choose More Option.
Step 5: Select Wallet Top Up
Step 6:Enter the Desired Amount
Step 7: choose payment gateway khalt/Esewa/IME pay
Step 8: Enter khalti/Esewa/IME pay credentials.
Step 9: Enter the confirmation pin send by khalti/Esewa/IME pay
Step 10: Select confirm
Step 11: Click movies section in STB.
Step 12: Select movie and and click Buy.
Step 13: Select wallet option in payment mode.
Step 14: click ok to buy.
Step 15: Play and Enjoy!

How to Buy movie via Khalti E-payment?
Step 1: Click movie section in STB.
Step 2: Select the Movie and Click Buy.
Step 3: Select Epayment in payment method.
Step 4: click ok and you will redirect to Khalti Epayment web page.
Step 5: Enter Khalti registered credential
Step 6: Enter Confirmation code and transaction pin you get from Khalti.
Step 7: Click confirm and ok
Step 8: play the movie and Enjoy!

How to Scan & Pay to PPV Movie?
Step 1: Click PPV Movie(mango pickle) in Movies Section(STB).
Step 2: Select E-payment in payment Mode.
Step 3: Click Fone Pay.
Step 4: QR code will Generate on TV Screen.
Step 5: Use E-sewa or any other Banking app to scan and pay where Fone pay is integrated.
Step 6: Click ok
Step 7: Enjoy the Movie.

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